Pain Relief Plus

Pain relief is often the primary reason that our clients seek out massage. Sore muscles or pinched nerves can make daily tasks unbearable and sleeping almost impossible. Not to mention, headaches! The good news is that massage can offer a lot of relief. Our Portland therapists incorporate myofacial massage services, trigger point release therapy, and deep tissue work, along with soothing techniques in order to best address whatever is ailing you. They are trained to help loosen tight muscles and increase blood circulation so your body can do a better job of healing itself. After a massage, many of our clients repost being able to sleep better which in turn leads to a less painful future. 

It all starts by making an appointment for a day and time that works for you. We will travel to the comfort of your home in the Portland area to provide you with quality myofacial massage services and trigger point release therapy. (If you can’t see an open slot that would be convenient for you, let us know and we’ll try to accommodate). Before your appointment, you will be sent health forms that allow our therapists to know how to modify your massage for any conditions that you might be facing. On the day of your massage, all you have to do is have a space big enough for a massage table (typically 9 feet by 5 feet or more). 

Our therapist will arrive a few minutes before the appointment to set up. They will bring a table, sheets, lotions and oils. They typically have music as well. In the comfort of your own home we’ll start addressing any pain points that you have.   During a 60 minute appointment the therapists is typically able to address a few small areas of concern.  Because these massages are targeted towards reducing pain, the therapist will move slowly as not to injure the body.  During a 90 minutes massage, the therapists can spend more time on any trouble spots that may need more attention. After your massage, you get to continue enjoying the benefits of pain relief and there’s no traffic to battle, no rain to run out in, and no unwanted waiting rooms.  To schedule a  myofacial massage service or trigger point release therapy appointment in the Portland area, give us a call today!

60 MIN for $120 and 90 MIN for $155