Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Post-surgery or Swelling Relief

Lymphatic Drainage massage is a gentle process that helps to reduce swelling and associated discomfort. This type of massage is excellent for people who have recently undergone surgery or who are experiencing swelling for other medically related reasons. 

During lymphatic drainage massage, your therapists will stimulate the lymph node regions on your body. This is done with gentle palpation. Then, like clearing traffic on a crowded freeway, your therapists will help guide the excess fluid to the lymph nodes for draining. Your body does the magic from there. 

Lymphatic drainage massage can help ease the discomfort that swelling causes to the body, as well as aid in the natural immune responses that the lymph nodes are responsible for. Many people find that their healing time post-surgery is quicker. This light touch therapy is soothing and can be adjusted for all types of surgeries including cosmetic ones. 

Your therapists will show up with all of the necessary equipment to makes your massage experience awesome. They will have the table, sheets, lotions and oils and all you need is a space for them to set up. The best part? You don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home to get the relief you deserve! 

60 min for $100 or 90 min for $130