Full-body Stretch

Sometimes you need a good stretch…

With a full-body stretching massage the goal is to help your muscles stretch with the aid of making it passive. Sometimes this type of massage is called sports massage.  It starts by making an appointment for a day and time that works for you.  Our mobile massage company will travel to you, in the Portland area to bring the massage spa experience into your home (If you can’t see an open slot that would be convenient for you, let us know and we’ll try to accommodate). 

Before your appointment, you will be sent health forms that allow our therapists to know how to modify your massage for any conditions that you might be facing. On the day of your massage, all you have to do is have a space big enough for a massage table (typically 9 feet by 5 feet). Our therapist will arrive a few minutes before the appointment to set up. your massage spa experience. Our mobile massage company of Portland will happily provide a bring a table, sheets, lotions and oils. We typically have music as well. 

In the comfort of your own home our Portland massage spa services will be able to relieve your muscles with a stretch that can only be achieved with help. This is called an aided passive stretch. Lotions and oils can still be incorporated to help soothe and lengthen the muscles before and after the stretches.  Our therapists are trained and know how far to take the body during a stretching session. This is a particularly helpful technique for people who work out often.  During a 60 minute appointment the therapists is able to stretch the full body with the basic degree of muscle manipulation. During a 90 minutes massage, the therapists can spend more time on any trouble spots that may need more attention. 

After your massage, you get to continue enjoying the benefits of stretch with relaxation. There’s no traffic to battle, no rain to run out in, and no unwanted waiting rooms. To schedule an appointment in the Portland area for one of our luxurious massage spa services, give us a call today!

60 MIN for $120 and 90 MIN for $155