Couples Massage

Getting a couples massage is a great way to enjoy special time together.  Our couples massages are the best in the Portland area and can be customized to address a variety of things from stress to pain to just a need for relaxation. This is a great gift for birthdays or anniversaries as well as your monthly date night. And you don’t have to be a romantic couple to enjoy. Our Portland Massage business has the pleasure of serving several roommates who like to spend time getting pampered together. You can request that your massages be done at the same time (with 2 separate therapists) or back to back using only one therapists and one table. You will need to consider the space available in your home when making that decision. 

It all starts by making a couples massage appointment in the Portland area for a day and time that works for you. Because of the nature of scheduling a couples massage, at this time we ask that you call us or email us directly. We want to make sure that we can line up the schedules of our therapists. Before your appointment, you will be sent health forms that allow our therapists to know how to modify each of your massages for any conditions that you might be facing. On the day of your massage, all you have to do is have a space big enough for a massage table (typically 9 feet by 5 feet or more) or 2 tables if you are getting them at the same time. 

Our therapist will arrive a few minutes before the appointment to set up. They will bring a table, sheets, lotions and oils. They typically have music as well. In the comfort of your own home we’ll start the massage catered to your preferences.   During a 60 minute appointment the therapists is typically able to cover the full body on a standard level.   During a 90 minutes massage, the therapists can spend more time on any trouble spots that may need more attention. After your massage, you get to continue enjoying the couples time and there’s no traffic to battle, no rain to run out in, and no unwanted waiting rooms. Thank you for supporting our Portland massage business. We look forward to serving you with the highest quality couples massage service.  

60 MIN $240 or 90 MIN $310