Massage Therapy Collective

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The most beneficial group for starting, growing, and excelling in your massage business.

Massage Therapy Collective is the only group of its kind that not only lets you rub shoulders with some of the nations most successful massage business owners, but gives you the tools and resources necessary for growth.

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Before I tell you about this life changing group, let me tell you who it’s really for…

You’re a massage business owner with no shortage of ambition who’s ready to collaborate with other successful owners so you can impact more lives, make a whole lot of money, and be proud of what you achieve.

Whether you’re….

  • a part-time massage therapists with a passion to grow
  • a full-time massage boss with employees to manage
  • a massage therapist on the edge of making big decisions

You’re in the right place and this group is going to give you the marketing tools, inspirations, and support on your journey to healing the world through massage.

By Joining This Group You Will:

*Participate in bi-monthly calls that will give you marketing ideas and resources to grow your massage business

*Hear from leaders in the industry on how to problem solve everything from canceled appointments to practitioner fatigue

*See products reviews in real life so you can stop wasting money on things that don’t work

*Implement ads that have worked for real massage therapists with real clients

*Share what is working for you and validate all of your hard earned success

*Stop wasting money on networking groups that don’t understand the needs, frustrations, and successes of massage therapy

Ready to be part of the Massage Therapy Collective? Fill out the questionnaire and schedule a call with me, Shayna (the owner). I can answer any questions you have and together we can see if this mastermind group is a good fit for you! Currently the mastermind group is $35 a month.