Stay Home Massage is about you.

You are busy being you and the world needs all that you have to offer. We do Swedish massages, healing Deep Tissue, and Prenatal. You don’t need the added chore of driving to an office and tackling traffic, so let one of our experienced massage therapists take care of that for you. We take you from pain and stress to feeling your best all in the comfort of your own home. 


Sarah is a true Washingtonian, having been born in Seattle she’s had the opportunity to live and explore many different areas of the PNW.  Sarah’s love and respect for the outdoors and nature is what drives her to try and make a difference in society by living her best life. Sarah enjoys creating art, music, cooking, gardening and she is also a beekeeper. In Sarah’s personal life she has overcome many health issues.  It was through her desire to become healthy that she committed herself to exchanging bad habits for good ones, and in the process became an excellent Portland and Vancouver massage therapist. License#95936


Shayna is the owner of Stay Home Massage. She loves nature, her family, and connecting with others. After a decade of computer work, she sought out massage therapy as a career with a positive impact on the world. She will never get over the joy of seeing someone go from pain and stress to a moment of peace. License #61101844